An Efficient and Transparent Accounting Solution

Portfolio BI manages your company's financial instruments in a seamless processing interface, saving everything in one place, with near real-time data available for performance analysis and reporting.

A Fast and Uniform Accounting Solution with Audit Trail

The accounting component of the Portfolio BI suite of products provides investors with:
Multiple Accounting Frameworks

Set the standard across your organization and resolve disputes faster with Portfolio BI.

Automated Workflows

Our accounting software allows mundane tasks to be done automatically, freeing up your time on a day to day basis.

Scalable Processes Across Your Portfolio

Build out a system with confidence with a platform that is built to scale with your business development.

Transaction- and Position-Based Accounting

Our accounting software manages your company's financial instruments in a seamless processing interface, saving everything in one place, with data available for performance analysis and reporting at all times. When you close periods, you can keep and maintain separate holdings frozen for previous periods, and you can recalculate or recreate past period results based on the original holdings.

Benefit from Automation

Portfolio BI ultimately saves your team time and reduces operational risk. The accounting platform provides automation of daily, monthly, or yearly administrative and accounting work, such as amortization, accruals, mark-to-market, and calculation of unrealized P/L. Thanks to seamless platform integration, you benefit from the extensive instrument coverage and an efficient mark-to-market process.

For asset control and auditing, you have access to full pricing documentation and the capability to customize delivery of all required financial reports. This functionality lets you replace time-consuming work familiar with fully automated workflows. It also gives you a visual overview of data values and related exceptions so you can act quickly.

See how Portfolio BI compares with other buy-side technology vendors.

Single database architecture and transaction-based system
Automation of everyday manual processes
Automation of end-of-period processes
Full online documentation of pricing
Unique platform design

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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