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A Proprietary Platform That Created Key-Man Risk

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Key-Person Dependency Risk is a common theme in asset management as firms often have aging proprietary solutions supported by a solutions expert who has sole custody of some critical institutional knowledge, creativity, reputation, or experience that makes him indispensable to the organization's business continuity and its future performance. If he/she should leave, the organization suffers the loss of that valued standing and expertise. Firms need to insulate against any future key-person dependencies as it pertains to investment and data solutions.  


The firm is an SEC registered investment adviser with offices in New York and London. They invest on a global basis in securities and loans issued by corporates and sovereigns. The firm invests across the entire capital structure of companies, takes long and short positions in debt, equity and derivative instruments traded publicly and over the counter, directly structures capital solutions for companies, and leads to capital raises.  

The firm wanted to manage key-man risk and knew they also wanted to be able to extract valuable information in the near real-time, and achieving this required consolidating its product and investment data. To achieve this goal, it looked to Portfolio BI to future proof both technology, support, and platform expertise implementing the PBI EDM data management platform.


The invesment firm engaged Portfolio BI to implement a robust cloud-based EDM Solution (PBI EDM) to resolve key-man risk and a dated legacy platform that failed to offer scalability.  

The client had a "spaghetti model" of data rather than a centralized data warehouse. This made it incredibly challenging to manage the diverse types of data, impacting data quality, security, and their ability to adapt to changing requirements. The goal for the firm was to leverage the Portfolio BI EDM solution to enhance the firm's ability to centralize firmwide data, get control of data, and implement a system that was robust and provided ease of use and support.  

"The support of a proprietary platform and talent-risk was a key driver to seeking a new solution, but Portfolio BI's rapid deployment, ability to support our business and the demonstrated agility of the platform became key differentiators for us." - Director of Operations


In 90-Days, Portfolio BI rapidly deployed PBI EDM, its flagship data warehousing, and reporting solution for the firm. PBI EDM empowered them to "get control" of their data. PBI EDM’s centralized data repository provided key insights to support both audit and compliance requirements. Further its model allowed the firm to easily create robust web and PDF reports on the fly as well as reduce the complexity for end-users, improving end-user adoption.

"Our confidence was built early on with PBI as they demonstrated the ability to rapidly solve our challenges and support our business." - Director of Operations


  • Portfolio BI EDM  
  • Managed Support  


  • Ability to create and Access Robust Web & PDF Reports  
  • A flexible structure for users to query, report, and analyze data.  
  • A streamlined data management process, increasing the firm's ROI by reducing costs and boosting efficiency.  
  • Access to PBI's around-the-clock support, which has mitigated on-house talent risk

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