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A Competitive Edge by Way of Business Intelligence

New York
Products Used
PBI EDM, PBI Security Master, Managed Support, Professional Services
$4Bn AuM
Hedge Fund

A  goal  of  every  firm  is  to  make  better  business  decisions than  their  competitors,  creating  competitive  differentiation. This is where business intelligence (BI) comes in, powered by data. BI turns a massive amount of data from often disparate systems  into  a  format  that  is  easy  to understand,  current, and  correct,  so  informed  decisions  can  be  made  on  the data.  Firms  can  analyze  current  and  long-term  trends,  be instantly  alerted  to  opportunities  and  problems,  and  receive continuous   feedback   on   their   decisions’   effectiveness.  However, what matters most is that the technology powering all the fund transactions, client correspondence, market analytics, and  sales  strategies  remains reliable  and  responsive  daily.


Tiedemann  Investment  Group  (TIG)  engaged  Portfolio  BI  to improve the investment decision process. The firm did not have a data warehouse and wanted automation to reduce potential failure  points  and  remove  its  inefficiencies. Tiedemann’s  goal was to leverage Portfolio BI EDM solution to enhance the firm’s ability  to  centralize  firm-wide  data,  get  control  of  data, and implement a system that was robust and provided ease of use.

“Data was a key driver, but we also were able to streamline partners, reign in vendor sprawl, and achieve improved cost efficiencies.”  Michael Fastert COO & CLO

Portfolio BI implemented PBI EDM, its flagship data  warehousing  and  reporting  solution  for Tiedemann, based on their specific data needs, business model, and trading strategies. PBI EDM empowered them to “get control” of their data. They leveraged the Portfolio BI Security Master to centralize  and  simplify  the  management of  securities  terms  and  conditions,  reference entities, and market data.  Its dynamic model allowed the operations  staff  to  easily  define security and reference types and add attributes on the fly without any additional programming. .

PBI Services and Solutions Implemented

  • Portfolio BI EDM
  • Portfolio BI Security Master
  • Managed Support
  • Professional Services
“Working with Portfolio BI did not force us to compromise in any way. We were able to leverage their strong technologists, deep business expertise, and aptitude all to improve firm-wide efficiencies and workflows.” Steve Tangredi CIO

Key Benefits

  • Deliver the right set of data management features based on firm size and asset complexity
  • Helps Tiedemann realize significant cost savings, reduce operational risk and complexity, and ensure enterprise-wide data integrity
  • Supports all asset classes with complete and accurate data.  
  • Provides a variety of data management tools • Eliminates system fragmentation and data silos by centralizing data management on a single, scalable platform
  • Robust functionality and ease of use
  • Rapid implementation  
  • Expert support


Tiedemann was able to leverage the strength of the Portfolio BI product suite and technology and business acumen to streamline their firm, gaining operational efficiency and competitive differentiation.

“We felt that the time they dedicated to us was an invaluable and competitive differentiator. The support and expertise that Portfolio BI provides have continued regardless of where we are in our firm’s lifecycle.” Michael Fastert COO & CLO

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