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Are Cloud-based Platforms and Centralized Solutions important in today’s environment? The answer is not so simple.

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The buy-side has undergone a transformation over the past few years with many applications moving to the public and private cloud. Proactive action in this area may have well-positioned many Investment Managers for COVID 19 and local “Stay at Home” orders. The reality is, however; that many firms are at different stages of the cloud conversion process as well as, the centralization of data throughout the overall operating platform. Where should your firm be?

Some Investment Managers have taken steps to leverage technology solutions that enable the aggregation of data from multiple systems and service providers into a centralized enterprise-wide accessible solution. Others continue to leverage disparate systems, excel-based solutions, and an array of service providers with various levels of integration.

How do you manage all your data securely and cohesively when it is spread across multiple systems and service providers? In today's data-driven world, one of the more significant challenges lies in data orchestration and management. How should firms synchronize and orchestrate real-time data – across different formats from diverse sources?

Join our industry experts as we look at the strategies adopted by leading buy-side firms and how they are turning challenges into opportunities and preparing for the inevitable future.

Hosted and Monitored by Jeremy Siegel, CEO @ Portfolio BI

Highlights from our panel of experts include:

•Unlocking value from robust cloud-based solutions.
•How enterprise data is warehoused and distributed across the business.
•How firms ensure data integrity, data governance, and data lineage.
•How a cloud data strategy empowers direct and secure data sharing without the complexity, cost, and risk associated with legacy data warehouses.
•How some sophisticated solutions are also leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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