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How has COVID 19 and WFH orders impacted Operational Due Diligence on Investment Managers? Join our webinar in October to find out.

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12 PM


30 Minutes




A hybrid world requires a revised approach. A staple of the ODD process–the in-person meeting–has changed, and firms have adapted to a remote working environment for at least the foreseeable future. This has forced ODD Groups to conduct diligence remotely and funds to focus on new types of questions geared toward their ability to deal with the virus’s disruptions and market volatility.    

Normality will eventually return; however, our industry will probably look different from before. This webinar event will take a hard look at how funds can be ready for the now and what to fully expect for ODD next.


  • Investors' Expectations for Portfolio Management & Trading, Operations, Compliance and Technology  
  • Given the remote work environment how are investment managers leveraging technology to meet new ODD demands? (Office 365, Increased adoption of public cloud, cloud-based solutions, centralized systems)   
  • The need to “do more with less.”
  • What is the biggest difference between in-person ODD vs remote ODD?
  • How our subject matter experts see ODD evolving over the next 12 months?  24 months? 5 years?

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