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How Enterprise Data Management turns Data Into A Competitive Advantage

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12 - 12:30PM EST


30 Minutes




COVID-19 has exposed current data and data management challenges. A survey conducted by Gartner* in the early weeks of Covid-19 revealed that nearly 18 percent of companies were highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus. What has become apparent in the weeks since is that both data and analytics challenges facing most industries are critical and urgent -- and have catalyzed rapid shifts in priorities and a need for clear best practices regardless of perceived readiness.  

Join PBI’s subject matter expert Christopher Bloechle, Chief Technology Officer as he reviews best-practices for spearheading a successful enterprise data management initiative for your firm and while creating a competitive advantage.  

Highlights of this session include:  

•What should your firm's objectives be?
•How to scope and conduct an Enterprise-Wide Data Management Audit  
•How to quantify data quality  
•How to maintain quality through Data Governance

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