Christopher Bloechle

Chief Information Officer
Chris has 20 years of experience designing, developing and delivering technology for the financial services industry. As Portfolio BI’s Chief Information Officer, Chris oversees the building and deploying of the solutions in the company’s flagship product PBI EDM, a SaaS-based front-to-back office automation technology platform. Chris is also a member of the company’s leadership team, where he plays an essential role in the overall strategy of Portfolio BI.

Prior to joining Portfolio BI in early 2018, Chris spent 16 years with Point 72 Asset Management/SAC Capital Advisors successfully fulfilling IT roles with responsibility for software products and solutions utilized in every facet of the fund. He was most recently the director of front office IT, where his solutions were utilized by 100 portfolio managers and their investment teams, on a daily basis.

Chris was previously the founder and managing partner at a software consultancy for five years, where he worked with a number of well-known clients, including Pitney Bowes, American Express and Moody’s. Before that, Chris was an independent software developer.

Chris earned his BS in industrial engineering from the University of New Haven where he graduated cum laude.

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