Pawel Sokolowski

Managing Director, Head of Product Development
Pawel has over 10 years of experience in software development in the financial services industry. As head of product development at Portfolio BI, Pawel leads various engineering teams in expanding the platform, with focus on Portfolio Management, Order Management, and Enterprise Data Management solutions.

Prior to joining Portfolio BI, Pawel served as head of product development at ACA Technology Solutions, responsible for the development of the NorthPoint platform, a leading multi-asset Investment Management System and Enterprise Data Management solutions in the asset owner/OCIO space. Pawel has worked with dozens of Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, adapting to their sophisticated investment strategies and solving complex challenges, leveraging products and customized solutions.

Before joining ACA Technology, Pawel was a cross-industry software developer, working with several firms such as Quasar Capital Management, Team5, and Valera Global to implement core business functions and processes.

Pawel graduated from St. John’s University Summa Cum Laude and completed his Masters in Computer Science at City College of New York.

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