Robert Adler

Regional Business Development Director

Robert Adler joins Portfolio BI as Regional Business Development Director with over 20 years of experience and a diverse background in banking, institutional asset management, hedge fund and financial cloud platform & software technology solutions, specifically cloud enterprise data management and automation, IT deployment & cost management reviews cloud & telephony migration, compliance, regulatory, portfolio & trading systems solutions, assessment of IT & technology strategies, regulatory due diligence and front to back investment & portfolio management solutions roll out that supports Portfolio BI's global growth.

Blog Posts

Crises force firms to prioritise resilience

Two black swan events have unfolded in the space of just two years - sparking not just unprecedented market volatility but upsetting global supply chains in their wake. Consequentially, asset managers now need to re-think their technology outsourcing models if they are to insulate their businesses from extreme risks.

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Rolling back to normality…or not

Our entire way of working and running a business has irrevocably changed - both for better and for worse.

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