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View your data how you want it. Trust your data. Let data drive your decisions.

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Portfolio BI enterprise data management dashboard for data management solutions.
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Make Better, Faster Decisions

Impress operational due diligence professionals with regulatory, compliance, and investor demands with enterprise-class tools and processes.

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For Teams and Organizations

Deploy at scale and focus on growing your business with PBI EDM’s proven cloud technology.

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Make Portfolio Data Visual

Create rich, actionable insights from intuitive portfolio visualizations and reporting capabilities.

Data Governance

Accurate and enriched data allows your business to run correctly and enables your people to make the right strategic and operational decisions. We provide a single source of truth for your firm with the most relevant, actionable insights.

Portfolio BI Enterprise Data Management tool for data governance.
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A Vendor-Neutral Architecture

From Bloomberg market data to Advent Geneva, our platform offers seamless integration with your preferred partners and platforms to free up more of your time. This includes third-party and proprietary systems, and you can leverage out of the box integrations with our APIs to configure your team's needs.

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30+ page templates

Security Master

The Portfolio BI Security Master is a single point of control for managing securities terms and conditions, reference entities, and market data.

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Portfolio BI EnterPrise Data MAnagement

Let your data do the talking

PBI EDM delivers accurate & visual analytics in a robust data warehouse. Flexible tools allow firms to focus on growing their business.
PBI EDM Brochure
PBI EDM Brochure

Price Master

PBI EDM centralizes and manages your complete end-of-day pricing and valuation requirements through the price master module.

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A price checks screenshot from the Portfolio BI price master.

Efficient Firms Collaborate in PBI

Better business outcomes happen faster in PBI EDM, the data management software for leading firms.
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Investment Staff + Managers

Portfolio BI provides insights into exposure, performance, and risk.

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IR, Sales, Marketing

PBI EDM provides the project management, issue resolution, and control oversight you need to operate effectively.

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Make the most of your software development resources by selecting a platform designed to add value to your IT strategy.

Empower Your Team's Collaboration

PBI EDM was built to allow teams to centralize their data to make better, more informed decisions. Learn how to be a data-driven organization.

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Portfolio BI workflow management component for workflow optimization.

Advantages of PBI EDM over Spreadsheets

Investment decisions are based on data. But it can be hard to trust data that's stuck in spreadsheets. In our view, automation is an excellent way to reduce failure points and remove inefficiencies from your firm. See how making the switch to PBI EDM can improve your decision making over a traditional spreadsheet.

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Automatically download files
Automatically detach files from email
Automatically place data into tables
Automation of processes based on conditional logic
Logs for processing errors
Automatic calculations


Portfolio BI candlestick trading chart to track currency prices.
  • 1
    Establish a Data Flow
    Connect PBI EDM to any database, such as Microsoft SQL server or your accounting system, and gather requirements.
  • 2
    Aggregate data from all sources and generate a data model.
  • 3
    Sync Internal and External Data
    Refine the model to reflect your company’s unique metrics and business logic.
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    Create Your Experience
    We'll build the basics — KPI dashboards, analytics, insights, and investor reports — then we'll train your users on how to get the most out of the system.
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    Ongoing Support
    We act as an ongoing partner and consultant working with each client to ensure the tools and analytics continue to evolve and meet each firm’s needs.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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