IBOR:Portfolio Management system

PBI Axiom

Automate and enhance your investment management processes, and optimize your business management operations.

Reporting & Data Visualization

PBI PMS includes high-performance reporting through visualization integration and report libraries, providing flexible tools for creating views that can be saved and shared. Run ad-hoc queries, “what if” scenarios, and add custom data & calculations without additional programming. 

Real-Time Data Access

PBI PMS consolidates information from multiple systems and service providers into a comprehensive portfolio management dashboard to provide real-time ticking views of positions, exposure, P&L, performance, risk, and analytics, to serve as your investment book of record (IBOR). Up-to-the-minute trading and pricing data allows for more informed trading decisions, while you create real-time models through user-defined, custom calculations.

reduced risk & manual processes

Reduce your firm's operational risk by eliminating the manual processes involved when combining position, trade, accounting, and market data information from multiple sources.

Make more Informed trading decisions with PBI's PMS

The one, Central Analysis & Decision-Support Platform.

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