Centralized Pricing And Valuation Made Easier.

Price Master is a centralized pricing and market data solution developed to support the complex pricing and valuation requirements of today’s investment managers. It collects and stores pricing data from multiple sources (e.g., data vendors, spreadsheets, etc.) and provides a flexible user interface for analyzing prices and defining rules to comply with firm-wide pricing policy.

How Price Master Sits In Your Workflow

Price Master centralizes price data from market data providers, third-party, or proprietary data sources in order to support the entire management process of pricing data.

Firm Wide Pricing Policy

Improve Data Integrity Firm Wide

Price Manager allows users to create specific pricing rules at all levels of the portfolio (e.g., security type, strategy, etc.). From simple calculations to more complex formulas, our tool eliminates manual pricing spreadsheets. It's a feature that significantly improves data integrity, streamlines your operations, and complies with your firm-wide pricing policies.

Compliance and Audit trail

Full Audit and Compliance Reports

Maintain all daily pricing and position history, including final prices and pricing sources. Users can run a standard audit and compliance reports or create custom reports. With Price Master, we strive to help with any data errors or eliminate worries price manipulation.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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