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Portfolio BI provides a complete investment book of records (IBOR) by delivering the tools you need to produce accurate financial reports, reconcile portfolio data, and see real-time views of positions, exposure, risk, and other analytics. All this is possible while minimizing your firm's total cost of ownership.

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A True End-To-End Solution

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, you need to maintain an accurate and holistic view of your portfolios. With numerous systems and parties involved, ranging from market data sources to portfolio accounting systems, managers can find it challenging to identify which "version" of their positions and portfolios is accurate.

At the same time, in-house solutions are often inefficient, expensive, and challenging to maintain daily.

Portfolio BI aggregates these disparate data sources into a single source of truth. Through our advanced analytics, meaningful insights are layered over portfolio and market data to strengthen strategic investment decisions.

Gain the advantage

Rely on a portfolio intelligence platform explicitly designed for top managers. With Portfolio BI, you'll gain insights into your portfolio performance, exposure, risk, and compliance. Portfolio BI comes with the tools to thoroughly generate ideas without creating an unnecessary audit trail, and you will be able to check compliance rules when you're ready to execute that next big deal.

Portfolio BI Portfolio Management System for Investor book of records (IBOR)
Portfolio BI Portfolio Management System report for analyst

Collaborate with your team

Get your analysts and portfolio managers on the same page with PBI PMS's turnkey integration of your firm's proprietary holdings, transactions, and analyst research. Your data and information will be consistent and synchronized for users across your firm.

Generate ideas that lead to alpha

Our research tools take you from idea to execution. In one system, you can find key insights with your data, identify winning investment opportunities, and build an optimal portfolio that harnesses the strength of that model.

Portfolio BI PMS  North America Hedge Fund Index Component
Portfolio BI Portfolio Management System Dashboard Home View

Analytics for all

PBI PMS lets you understand risk relative to a benchmark. Gain a rich understanding of historical risk and performance with our industry-leading analytics tools.

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We manage data for some of the world's leading firms, and our team is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your investment.

PBI helps us daily by compiling our data and providing checks and notifications to help us act on the data – whether we need to move cash or positions across prime brokers, or prepare a regulatory filing. During the workday, I keep PBI PMS open on my web browser always to have our reports available and accessible, and I appreciate being able to pull our archived data within seconds.

West Coast Hedge Fund

PBI brought the background of an experienced team, as well as the system needed to expand our reporting capabilities. By hiring consultants to build something custom, you may end up with a system that is hard for others to support afterward. With PBI, you get the platform as well as the expertise, customization, and ongoing support in a one-stop-shop.

California Biopharmaceutical Investment Firm

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