Portfolio BI and Alkymi partner to revolutionize decision-making in Alternative Asset Management with an advanced data integration

Portfolio BI, a leading provider of portfolio analytics and reporting solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Alkymi, a pioneer in unstructured data processing and automation. This collaboration aims to empower alternative asset managers with enhanced decision-making capabilities by combining structured and unstructured data sources, leading to optimized workflows and improved data governance.

The alternative asset management space has long faced challenges in leveraging data effectively. Traditional methods of relying solely on structured data often fall short in capturing the complete picture. In an industry where accurate and timely information is critical, the limitations of relying solely on structured data have become increasingly apparent.

One of the primary challenges faced by alternative managers is extracting data from unstructured sources, including financial statements, brokerage/custody statements, ISDA contracts, capital notices, and capital account statements. Traditionally, this process has been manual and time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies, potential errors, and delays in decision-making. Managers have struggled to unlock the valuable insights hidden within unstructured data due to its sheer volume and complexity.

The partnership between Portfolio BI and Alkymi addresses these challenges head-on. By harnessing Alkymi’s cutting-edge technology, which specializes in automating data extraction, transformation, and validation from unstructured sources, alternative asset managers gain access to a wealth of previously untapped information. Alkymi’s advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities empower users to create relevant data points from diverse documents accurately.

The combined power of structured and unstructured data sources provides alternative asset managers with a comprehensive and holistic view of their portfolios. By integrating portfolio analytics, market data, securities, positions, and fundamental information with insights derived from financial statements, custody statements, and other unstructured data sources, managers can make more informed decisions, uncover hidden patterns, and identify emerging opportunities.

The advantages of this integrated approach extend beyond decision-making. Optimized workflows enabled by the partnership streamline data management processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data extraction. With automated extraction and integration of unstructured data, managers can free up valuable resources and focus on higher-value activities, such as analysis, risk management, and strategic planning.

Furthermore, the partnership reinforces the importance of robust data governance in alternative asset management. By bringing together structured and unstructured data in a controlled and governed manner, managers can ensure data quality, integrity, and compliance with regulatory requirements. The combination of Portfolio BI’s industry-leading portfolio analytics and reporting solutions with Alkymi’s advanced data processing capabilities creates a secure and auditable environment for managing alternative asset data.

“We are excited about our partnership with Alkymi and the transformative impact it will have on alternative asset management,” said Sumit Mahajan, Chief Product Officer of Portfolio BI. “By integrating structured and unstructured data, we enable managers to uncover valuable insights, optimize their workflows, and make more informed decisions. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in data-driven decision-making for alternative asset managers.”

“We are delighted to join forces with Portfolio BI to revolutionize the way alternative managers leverage data,” said Matt DeLoca, Vice President of Sales at Alkymi. “Our advanced unstructured data extraction, transformation, and validation capabilities, combined with Portfolio BI’s industry expertise, will empower managers to harness the full potential of their data. Together, we aim to drive improved decision-making, operational efficiency, and data governance for alternative asset managers.”

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