Maximize Return on Investment with Portfolio BI

Conduct detailed analysis of companies and industries with a solution that combines relevant market information with business intelligence.

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Adapt to a Changing Industry

Private Equity is a complex industry that demands technology that can be easily configurable. PBI was explicitly created with these firms in mind, and gives users the power to execute deals with the highest level of confidence. No matter the size or investment mandate of your firm, Portfolio BI can be easily configured to align with your current business development and portfolio management processes.

PBI has the tools you need to find new investment opportunities, construct valuation models, and track market and industry data. Portfolio BI helps top private equity professionals: 

Perform top-down sector and regional analysis with an array of industry-level metrics and premier economic data.
Whether you are looking for new investments or add-on acquisitions, discover targets that are in line with your investment theory.
Use our advanced research tools and analytics to construct valuation models of potential opportunities.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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