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eflow Global and Portfolio BI working together

Regulatory compliance tech vendor eflow Global is working with Portfolio BI, a developer of investment management software and services, to help managers meet regulator and investor requirements.

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The FCA release a discussion paper to consider updating the UK regulatory regime

With the UK looking to update its asset management regime post-Brexit, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a discussion paper containing a number of proposals.

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Jeremy Siegel explores the public cloud, emerging tech and current regulations

Jeremy Siegel, Chief Executive Officer at Portfolio BI, introduces himself and provides an overview of Portfolio BI.

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James Greenway and Roshni Daswani in conversation around data management in the field of asset managers

Roshni introduces herself and provides an overview of her role at PEN Partnership

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Should we embrace Big Tech’s presence in retail finance with fingers crossed?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is asking its members to reflect and feed back on the likely benefits and negatives of Big Tech businesses such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, expanding their operations in the finance sector.

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Investment funds are facing some significant challenges as we move into 2023

Tough macro headwinds - namely depressed equity markets and volatility in fixed income – are making it increasingly complex for fund managers.

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