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Crises force firms to prioritise resilience

Two black swan events have unfolded in the space of just two years - sparking not just unprecedented market volatility but upsetting global supply chains in their wake. Consequentially, asset managers now need to re-think their technology outsourcing models if they are to insulate their businesses from extreme risks.

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Cloud computing unlocks opportunities for asset managers

Cloud-based technologies confer on asset managers a number of operational and strategic benefits at a time when their margins are being badly squeezed.

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Ransomware threat continues to draw concern in the financial sector

Ransomware is a significant concern for any firm that holds sensitive data and there has been a 1400% increase in cyber-attacks reported to the FCA since 2014.

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Cyber-crime tests the mettle of asset managers

The scale of the damage being inflicted on the world economy by cyber-criminals should not be underestimated. The losses incurred by cyber-crime globally are forecast to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025.

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Crypto: An opaque market now in the limelight

In just 10 short years, the global market capitalisation of crypto-assets (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) has skyrocketed past the $3 trillion barrier.

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ESG and crypto-currencies: Not mutually exclusive

One of the biggest paradoxes right now facing some financial services firms is their willingness to embrace ESG causes while at the same time waxing lyrical about the benefits of crypto-currencies.

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