Jeremy Siegel

Chief Executive Officer
Jeremy brings 24 years of experience in financial services with specific expertise working with hedge funds globally to grow their businesses through technology, operations and institutional systems. He will lead the company’s growth phase as it builds out innovative data solutions for the alternative asset sector.

Jeremy joins Portfolio BI from Credit Suisse where he was Managing Director in the Global Markets division and Global Head of the Prime Consulting team. He has a proven track record of successfully working with hundreds of hedge funds to uniquely scale their niche business models and trading strategy through processes, outsourcing, oversight and control. He also served on the boards of Viteos and Paladyne Systems. Jeremy previously worked at Eze Castle Integration, Morgan Stanley and started his career at American Express.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Economics from Queens College.

Blog Posts

Diversifying into Private Debt

What is the current lay of the land in the private debt market? What can firms do to achieve growth in this competitive market? The answer lies within having efficient operations and the right technology in place.

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Hedge funds start integrating ESG

Our CEO Jeremy Siegel explores how hedge funds are implementing ESG across their businesses and allocation processes. AIMA Journal Edition 125.

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Setting a new benchmark for change

LIBOR reform will have a dramatic impact on asset managers’ investments and hedging activities.

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The Key to Survival in 2021? Unlocking Business Continuity & Operational Resilience.

In the new year, how should firms focus on bolstering continuity and operational resilience?

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Hybridization at Warp Speed Ahead

How can a diverse strategy help your firm? Our CEO Jeremy Siegel explores the risks and rewards when it comes to a hybridization model.

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Has COVID Spurred a Hybridization Trend in the Fund Space?

Convergence between hedge and private capital strategies shows no sign of losing momentum.

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Weathering the Storm

The next 12-18 months will be vital for the industry, as capital raising is likely to become much tougher once the recessionary impact of COVID-19 is truly felt. In order to thrive, Hedge Funds have to be agile and resilient as they embrace technology and change.

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Sculpting the Future of Buy-Side Market Dynamics

The upcoming presidential election may have an impact on buy-side market dynamics. How can your firm prepare for the outcome?

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Capital Raising for Hedge Funds

The pandemic is making it more challenging for hedge funds to raise meaningful capital. How should your firm be going about it?

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Systematizing Operations as a Return Enabler

Firms that strengthen and rationalize their operational activities will surmount the many cost pressures facing the fund industry.

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