Why 2024 is the year to invest in your cloud security

According to Forbes, ‘spending by businesses on cloud computing infrastructure is forecast to top $1 trillion for the first time in 2024 across the world’. As with all periods of growth and innovation that arise from digital transformation, comes great challenges. This is especially true with regard to security of data and assets, as well as remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. For financial services companies to truly embrace growth via the implementation of cloud technology they will need to prioritise their security in 2024.

In light of these challenges, we are offering a free-of-charge security review of company’s Microsoft 365 environments as part of our Cloud Security Advisory Services for both clients and non-clients for Q124.

Introducing Portfolio BI’s Microsoft 365 Review

This service offers businesses the opportunity to proactively identify areas of strength, reveal vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to improve a firm’s Microsoft 365 environment and their overall security.

Every review is bespoke and includes the following:

·       A complete Microsoft 365 environment review.

·       Suggested improvements in accordance with compliance standards in line with DDQ checks and security best practices.

·       Guidance from a technological and financial services perspective.

·       The ‘human’ consideration when it comes to implementing data and asset security.

What makes Portfolio BI’s Microsoft 365 Review stand out?

Coherent and well-supported aspects a firm’s security should be a key priority for 2024. For financial services firms looking to strengthen and maintain their business security, PBI’s comprehensive review is the perfect place to start for the following reasons:

–        It is free-of-charge for Q124

First and foremost, this review is free of charge to companies that wish to have it. We are offering this service to both clients and non-clients to help identify areas of strength, expose vulnerabilities, and present recommendations for improving their company’s security posture. The information and improvements can then be implemented independently, or Portfolio BI can carry out this strategic work for non-clients.

–        We have years’ worth of experience with DDQ checks

At Portfolio BI, our team has years’ of experience supporting our clients with their DDQs checks. Not only do we understand DDQs from a client perspective; we also have a strong insight into required DDQs for investors. We apply this wealth of experience to every security review, giving us a unique understanding of a company’s security posture within their business.

–        Our reviews match the pace of changing regulatory requirements

Our team is always one step ahead with regards to any regulatory changes. As such, the recommendations presented in our review of a firm’s Microsoft 365 environment will reflect any developments with regards to compliance policies and regulatory requirements set out by the SEC in the U.S and FCA in the UK.

–        We understand the ‘human’ element of cloud security

According to LinkedIn, 55% of data breaches in 2022 were caused by a human error making it

the leading cause of cloud security breaches. At Portfolio BI, we understand the relationship between security, the role of human interaction, and the processes conducted by employees within a business. We give guidance to clients as to how they can improve on this element in order to safeguard their security.

If you would like to learn more about our Microsoft 365 environment security review, please contact Ewelina Obrzut, Managing Director and Global Head of MSP: [email protected].



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