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PBI Enhances Portfolio Management with Integration of 7 Chord’s BondDroid Fixed Income Pricing

PBI announces integration with 7 Chord’s near real-time, delayed, and end-of-day bond prices for Corporate, Sovereign and Government bonds within PBI’s Investment Management System.
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NEW YORK – November 2, 2023: PBI, an award-winning provider of Investment Management System, Enterprise Data Management and Managed Services to nearly 200 top-tier Asset Managers, Allocators and third party providers, has announced today it has integrated 7 Chord’s near real-time, delayed, and end-of-day bond prices for Corporate, Sovereign and Government bonds within PBI’s Investment Management System, which includes OMS, PMS and EDM.

BondDroid AI, 7 Chord’s award-wining real-time pricing engine, processes 100 million + data points per day, including firm and indicative quotes, post-trade levels, as well as a variety of macro and country risk factors. This data is distilled into actionable risk-neutral bid, ask and mid prices, yields and option-adjusted spreads with both speed and precision unattainable for a human trader or evaluator in today’s highly volatile markets.

Harnessing the power of adaptable AI, BondDroid® provides market participants access to highly accurate levels, with 95%+ very close to the next executed level, even for thinly traded bonds. Moreover, BondDroid delivers an unparalleled level of transparency in its systematic pricing, quantitative methods, and inputs, thereby allowing the end user to better interpret and act on the information.

Clients of PBI can now use BondDroid prices to support a variety of workflows across the entire Order/Trade management cycle, including optimizing and rebalancing their portfolio, managing transaction costs pre- and post-trade, identifying booking mistakes and outliers, measuring risk, and setting limits.  

“In a rapidly evolving landscape where AI is reshaping evaluated pricing, PBI’s solution offers comprehensive functionality to address the complexities of pricing and valuation requirements. PBI is enabling the clients to access complex pricing by integrating with BondDroid Fixed Income Pricing to provide better portfolio management tools to stay ahead.” commented Sumit Mahajan, Chief Product Officer at PBI.

Kristina Fan, CEO and Co-Founder of 7 Chord continued “We are excited to partner with PBI. While 7 Chord brings to the table the best-in-class AI pricing solution, the PBI suite of Portfolio, Order, and Data Management Services will help their clients act on the information and gain market advantage.”

About PBI

PBI empowers the most sophisticated Investment Managers and owners to take control of their business operations and infrastructure.  With over 25 years of experience and technology development, PBI’s integrated platforms, local technological expertise, and seasoned financial experts enable greater operational efficiency, reduced cost, and enhanced security. PBI offers market leading Order and Portfolio Management functionality, Enterprise Data Management solutions and advisory services, alongside world class Managed Services for project, consultancy, and end to end user support.

With the most configurable solutions, PBI’s platforms can be specifically tailored to your unique business needs. Nearly 200  top-tier alternative and traditional Asset Managers and investors have trusted PBI's technology and services for over 25 years. More details can be found at

Portfolio BI, Inc.

About 7 Chord

7 Chord, Inc. is an independent provider of predictive pricing and analytics. 7 Chord is a maker of BondDroid AI, a real-time dynamic pricing engine that helps buyers and sellers of investable assets make informed profit-maximizing decisions by providing them with highly accurate market-relevant prices. BondDroid has streamed over 11 trillion prices to some of the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions, predominantly in fixed income. It runs 22 hours, 5 days a week, with the team providing “follow-the-sun” service to our clients around the globe. Optimized for the live trading environment, BondDroid can also be installed behind the client’s firewall as a customizable software package that extracts highly accurate pricing signals from the public, vendor, and proprietary data without it ever leaving a client’s corporate environment. More details can be found at

7 Chord Inc.

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