Navigate complex and fast-moving markets.

PBI OMS provides comprehensive order management functionality that supports all asset classes and investment strategies. And best of all, it works perfectly with PBI PMS and PBI EDM.
Comprehensive Support

PBI OMS was designed to handle the operational workflows associated with all asset types and fund structures, such as Hedge Funds, SMAs, 40’Act, etc.

One-Stop-Shop For The Front Office

Supports Portfolio Managers, Analysts, and Traders with everything from generating trade ideas, execution, and position management.

Fully Integrated

One platform that enables a straight-through processing fo front-, mid-, and back-office to reduce errors, increase operational efficiency, and lower operational risks.

PBI OMS. Packed With Features.

Securities Coverage
Supports all asset classes, including their associated trading and settlement workflows, on a single platform.
Compliance Testing
Supports pre/post-trade and ad hoc compliance checks through a powerful, user-configurable, rules-based compliance engine. Ensure adherence to investment restrictions and guidelines.
Allocation Engine
Handles complex trade allocation scenarios through a rules-based allocation engine.
Automation Capabilites
Minimizes manual bookings through FIX integration and full featured trade entry screens.
Seamless Checks and Balances
Allow users to build multiple models and rebalance portfolios to those models with integrated compliance checks.
Scale Your Business
Ensures accurate and timely trade processing.  Robust architecture allows the system to evolve and accommodate business expansion and changes.

Trading Compliance

The Trading Compliance module of OMS offers an intuitive approach to defining investment guidelines and regulatory rules that apply to your firm. It offers a robust view into a broad range of trade compliance activity and runs compliance checks pre, intra, and post trade.

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