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More than analytics software, a full data platform

Bring data into every stage of your operations with PBI EDM's best in class data management system.

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Build the Foundation

When you manage multiple funds, you need to easily access information about your past, current, and future investments. The data management feature of PBI EDM empowers a firm to consolidate any portfolio-related data in a single location.

Yet merely collecting data is not enough; enterprises and funds need to understand how they will gain value from their raw data. Our centralized data repository sets the standard for your data and provides critical investment decisions to support your audit and compliance requirements.

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Based on REST API

Our high-performance solution utilizes enterprise-class architecture and offers code-free extensibility and secure access.

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Adaptable for your needs

PBI EDM accesses all enterprise data in one consolidated platform, optimizing multi-source data processing and report generation.

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As one of the most technologically advanced platforms on the market, implementation and system migration are transparent and efficient. This is all possible through our cloud-based server.

How Our Platform Works

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How Our Platform Works

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Control Your Data

Our data management system supports your business, and we do not view this component as the essential objective of your project. The data management system lays down the foundation, but we don't stop there. PBI is packed with features and capabilities that can handle complex, specific needs for your fund.

Building successful data management systems is a core competency of PBI EDM, and the flexible, scalable architecture of our product is a game-changer in the asset management space.

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PBI EDM automates your data management process. The system dramatically improves the ability to ingest, organize, and streamline portfolio data from both internal and external sources.

Our custom adapters and workflow engine take data outputs from all client-defined sources quickly and aligns the data with your business processes.

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Reconciling complex data from multiple sources is a challenging, time-consuming process. PBI EDM ensures that client data loaded onto our platform matches what was provided by all the source material.

From month to date P&L, to daily delta adjusted exposures, our innovative data management tools, and business logic transforms the data to a clean format.

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What's the point of data without any context? PBI EDM breaks through the clutter to uncover only the most relevant information for your firm

Whether you're a PM consolidating multiple strategies, or an asset manager allocating currency hedges to individual stocks, our system applies custom business logic tailored to each client to meet their internal data practices.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About PBI EDM

We manage data for some of the world's leading firms, and our team is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your investment.

PBI EDM helps us daily by compiling our data and providing checks and notifications to help us act on the data – whether we need to move cash or positions across prime brokers, or prepare a regulatory filing. During the workday, I keep PBI EDM open on my web browser always to have our reports available and accessible, and I appreciate being able to pull our archived data within seconds as opposed to hours.

West Coast Hedge Fund

PBI brought the background of an experienced team, as well as the system needed to expand our reporting capabilities. By hiring consultants to build something custom, you may end up with a system that is hard for others to support afterward. With PBI EDM, you get the platform as well as the expertise, customization, and ongoing support in a one-stop-shop.

California Biopharmaceutical Investment Firm

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