Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our company, and how it all works together.

What is Portfolio BI?
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Portfolio BI (“PBI”) empowers the most sophisticated buy-side firms to leverage technology to support order management, portfolio management and data management/reporting throughout the business, from front-to-back. Born from the merger of LUX FTS and NorthPoint (previously owned by the ACA Compliance Group) our customers benefit from our integrated platforms, in-house technology teams, and seasoned industry experts. 

Portfolio BI not only allows you to access, organize, and analyze your data; It lets you act on it. Since PBI was architected to be highly configurable, it is tailored to meet your specific business requirements. With over 150 clients served, and more than two decades of deep domain expertise in all asset classes, investment strategies, and financial product technology, the team maintains a solution-driven approach for its clients.

At our core, we help firms get real value from their data, and provide business intelligence for firms seeking to get an edge on the competition.
How does Portfolio BI work?
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The original concept behind Portfolio BI was to provide a robust platform for the investment management community that does not require the time, expense and risk associated with traditional investment management software platforms. Our experience and work with over 150 investment managers has enabled us to provide a solution with the entity objects, data management workflows, calculations, and external vendor data integration that are required in this space. 

Our consultative approach, coupled with our highly configurable platform, has given PBI a competitive advantage in providing a feasible solution that supports the wide range of assets, transaction types, strategies, third-party vendor data, and workflows that firms require. Portfolio BI gives business users the ability to quickly and easily set up new dashboard, visualizations, data browsers and reports with the necessary data governance to ensure accuracy and data integrity of the underlying data.
What are the key benefits of using Portfolio BI?
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Some of the key benefits of Portfolio BI include:

•Bundled with pre-configured data entities specifically designed for the investment management space
•Includes pre-configured components (Security Master, Price Master, Third-Party Reference, and Market Data Management) required for any effective buy-side Data Management System.
•Deployed as a secure, cloud-based or on-prem delivered software.
•Ability to integrate with proprietary and third-party data sources.
•Load, validate, and consolidate all your data sources
•Create hypothetical data silos for use in comparative data models.
•Create customized data workflows based on business requirements
•Pre-configured functionality to easily created views for positions, securities, prices, and any other combinations of data.
•Faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership than traditional methods
•Seamless updates, upgrades, and support
•Mobile & customizable
What reports does Portfolio BI provide?
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With Portfolio BI's flexible architecture, users can create reports that based on whatever needs suit you best for your team. For example, you can gain return insights on a DTD, MTD, QTD, or YTD basis with breakouts by attribution, sector, geography, winners and losers, etc. 

Build your front office narrative through an intuitive collection of customizable tables, graphs, and more. Users can combine these components and evaluate exposures, P&L, and third-party risk analytics - VaR, liquidity, etc. Our dashboards also highlight volatility in the market and encourage analysts to discover future investment decisions. 

Some of the most popular report's users create with Portfolio BI are: 
Investor Tear Sheets
Position Reconciliation
Research Reports
P&L Reports
Exposure Reports
Analyst Performance Reports
Hypothetical Performance Reports
Roll Forward Reports
and much more!
Is Portfolio BI compatible with all device platforms and browsers?
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Yes! One of the key features of Portfolio BI is the ability to view your performance on any screen, anytime, anywhere. Because our system is cloud-based, and as long as you have an internet browser, your data goes wherever you go. Portfolio BI can be viewed through on any mobile device's compatible Web browser.However, creating reports and using the system best works on a laptop or desktop device.

Portfolio BI performs best with the following browsers: 
Internet Explorer versions 8 and newer
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
Mozilla Firefox
What vendors integrate with Portfolio BI?
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PBI has integration interfaces with most Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, Custodians, Market Data Providers, Settlement Systems, Order ManagementSystems, Execution Management Systems, Accounting Systems, Risk/Analytics Systems, Cash-Flow Models, Valuation Model Libraries, etc.
How much does Portfolio BI cost?
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Customers pay a software license cost (includes an allocation of managed service support hours) and for Professional Services Consulting, which includes all configuration, integration testing, historical data cleansing/loading.
Can I try Portfolio BI?
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Yes, we would be happy to set up a demonstration and guided tour.
What support services are available?
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PBI support model ranges from traditional support and maintenance to turnkey managed services, involving platform users and third-party vendors. Our services are tailored to meet your firm’s individual requirements and are designed to ensure worry-free, end-to-end implementation and timely resolution of questions and issues.
Who are Portfolio BI's clients?
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Leading Multi-Strat, Structured Product, Credit/Fixed Income, Global Macro, L/S Equity Hedge Funds and Asset Managers. PBI also works with some of largest and most successful Fund Allocators (Outsourced-CIO’s, Fund-of-Funds, Managed Account Platforms and Endowments).
Is there Portfolio BI training?
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Training is provided during the implementation and configuration of the software. We give as much training and support as necessary for all users to be comfortable with the system. User documentation is also provided. Post implementation from the support team is available on an“as needed basis” and they have extensive technology, business, and product knowledge. 
How do I contact Portfolio BI support?
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