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Strengthen your strategies and drive alpha with Portfolio BI, the premier business intelligence software that provides global, multi-asset, end-to-end management for family offices.

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A User-Friendly Tool to Monitor Your Investments

Portfolio BI was made to simplify complex information so your family office can truly harness the power of your data, gain actionable insights, and break free from disjointed spreadsheets. Become a data-driven organization by holistically analyzing your portfolio exposures and performance analytics all in one user-friendly tool.

Multi-Asset Class Aggregation

Portfolio BI can aggregate exposure and position-level transparency seamlessly. You can also group exposures by any dimension, including asset class, region, and currency.


Investment teams can monitor exposures and run an attribution analysis relative to a benchmark to understand the real source of returns.

Reporting Capabilities

Create reports, export data, or use a custom API plugin to report on a wide variety of investment analytics.


Use Portfolio BI as a repository to store investment-related data, ranging from liquidity to exposures.

Who Uses Portfolio BI at a Family Office?

Portfolio BI arms teams with the intelligence and data they need to compete in an increasingly crowded market. Our solution ensures that investors find the right people, deliver the right message, participate in winnable deals, and manage critical relationships successfully.
  • Portfolio Managers
    Make tactical asset allocation decisions using updated and granular information as possible. All the essential considerations for implementing portfolio changes are in one, user-friendly tool.
  • Operations Teams
    Leverage Portfolio BI to report on cash movements and transactions as well as other complex hedge fund vehicle terms
  • Stakeholders
    It allows for flexible hierarchy structures across complex portfolios and portfolio groups so that multiple stakeholders can view their exposures and risk on a stand-alone basis.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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