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PBI PMS is a robust reporting application that allows users to generate visualizations of their complex portfolio data instantly.

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See the big picture

For most users, data visualization is the jumping-off point for a more in-depth analysis. It's a great place to start, but it only shows part of the picture.

With PBI PMS, dashboards are built on raw data directly from the source, and we automate your reporting needs at whatever frequency you need (daily, monthly, etc.). When you need to know more, you can go from the visualization into drill-down details.

PBI PMS can monitor and report on cash balances, margin, and collateral as well as support risk and performance attribution reporting across any asset class or strategy.

We also integrate with Prime Brokers, OMS/ EMS systems, Fund Administrators, Custodians, and OTC counterparties. The integration feature allows our clients to make a more in-depth analysis simple to use.

With PBI PMS, analyzing your data is convenient and accessible for everyone at your firm.

Make intuitive reports and dashboards

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Select a visualization from the PBI library, or build your own. Our flexible reporting tools are built to your exact specifications. We will work with you and your team to produce accurate, timely, and consistent reports.

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Enhance your visualizations with elegant details from trend lines to conditional formatting. We also work directly with our user-base to collaboratively develop and enhance reports based on client feedback.

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Once you completed the setup process, arrange your charts, tables, or graph visualization cards onto a dashboard.

Understand risk & exposure

With PBI PMS, you'll be able to analyze your portfolio's current and historical exposures either on an absolute basis or relative to its designated benchmark. Measure hundreds of fundamental characteristics and derived analytics across your entire portfolio, including equities, fixed income, and related derivatives. You can use reports to view metrics, including weights, valuation measures, and other ratios for your portfolios and benchmarks. Identify portfolio vulnerabilities and examine drivers of risk at the asset and portfolio levels.

Portfolio Management System for Front Office executives
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Find the answers

Understand and evaluate relative performance using custom attribution models designed for equity, fixed income, balanced, risk, and macro-level. You'll know precisely which securities and groups contributed to, or detracted from, performance on an absolute or relative basis.

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See the big picture

Our robust reporting application allows users to generate visualizations of their complex portfolio data in seconds. Download our factsheet to learn more.
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PBI Performance System

Supporting your workflows

PBI PMS can evaluate performance and attribution results through configurations, calculations, scheduling, and views. Our platform also archives those results for centralized safe-keeping and future use. With PBI PMS, your team members all use the same results while benefiting from the PBI PMS infrastructure surrounding your portfolio information, vendor data, and communication of results.

Portfolio BI workflow management component for workflow optimization.
Portfolio BI candlestick trading chart to track currency prices.

Craft reports that reflect your needs

Your strategy isn't one-size-fits-all, and neither should your analysis. PBI PMS lets you customize exposures and use your groupings for reports and charts for a personalized experience. Generate all types of reports, including investor tear sheets and management information. Control every visual aspect of your statements from the headers and footers to the color palette to reflect your corporate identity.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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