Identify and Control Operational Risk Levels with PBI 

A cost-effective operating model with all functionality in a single system, Portfolio BI eliminates the operational risk of manual processes and automates reconciliations on trades, positions, and cash balances.

Reduce Operational Costs and Grow Your Business

With an unparalleled number of automated processes and a highly flexible database architecture, Portfolio BI reduces operational risk and costs.

With Portfolio BI, you virtually eliminate manual processes and limit the number of processing errors, drastically reducing the cost of managing your funds. Furthermore, automation gives you the ability to handle additional clients without lowering service levels, while flexibility allows you to maintain an almost unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, scenarios, and strategies.

As a result, you can accommodate new funds, accounting standards, and reporting requirements, as well as manage higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs.

operating model with all functionality in a single system
repetitive processes and reconciliations – e.g., trade capture, cash balances, positions, and corporate actions
the operational risk of manual processes and slow batch updates between systems
asset class coverage with precise, systematic cash flow calculations
manage collateral and optimize financing.
security master with all global listed instruments – including terms/conditions, end of day prices and corporate actions – that can then be customized per client preferences

Get Insights, Reduce Risk

Portfolio BI simplifies traditionally labor-intensive administrative processes through automation. You can effectively manage a range of fund constructions, such as multi-class funds, multi-manager funds, and funds of external funds. Furthermore, you have near real-time access to position data across asset classes and a broad range of market risk assessment models. Anywhere in the fund structure and investment process, you can apply and report on a full range of crucial industry-standard risk ratios.

See how Portfolio BI compares with other buy-side technology vendors.

Position data available across all asset classes
Automated workflows for administrative processes
Single database architecture
Integrated investment processing across fund structures
Complete insight into pricing and valuation

Comprehensive support for international, regional and local regulatory requirements

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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