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Quickly adapt to market demands in the public cloud

With a choice of utilizing Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or AWS, we deliver a global public cloud platform for your data and all your essential information, with seamless collaboration and improved efficiences.

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The cloud is more important than ever

Today's firms are required to compete at unprecedented speed as markets are reshaping every single day. This means innovating faster, deriving more insights from data, and interacting in new ways with their clients, partners, and employees. All of these changes are fundamental, inter-connected and require a catalyst to drive them – and in our view that is the Cloud.

As part of Portfolio BI's cloud platform, our team guides you through each step of your journey. Whether funds are just getting started, migrating a legacy data center, or building optimized solutions in the public cloud, our platform has the bandwidth to securely host your applications, data, and sensitive information.
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Solutions Overview

Choose between our enhanced and corporate packages and realize cost savings whether you’re migrating for the first time or fine-tuning complex deployments.
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Microsoft 365 E5 / Continuity & Archiving / Microsoft MFA /Windows Advanced Threat Protection / Windows 10 Enterprise /Monitoring / Quarterly Reviews / Annual DR Test / 24/7 Support
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(Everything in Enhanced +)
Perimeter Protection Firewall / Active Directory / File Shares / Web Content Inspection & Filtering / Remote Access VPN / Password Protection / Business Continuity Remediation Assistance / Platform Maintenance / Platform Patching Services /Advance Recovery Services
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Customization Options
Messaging | Collaboration | Information Protection & Compliance | Identity & Threat Protection

Benefits Of Our Platform

Portfolio BI offers a full spectrum of cloud services to maximize all the benefits the public cloud has to offer. We know first hand that the cloud is more than just a technology solution. Our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for sustained success long after the initial implementation.

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Lower costs
With our cloud infrastructure, you won't need to purchase any hardware or software, and you only pay for IT as you consume it. We offer true financial flexibility for new ventures and business operations, so you can free up capital, and boost operational efficiencies for your entire team.
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Migration Services
We help migrate and deploy clients to the public cloud across all sizes, strategies and asset classes helping them transform their technology and their business Read more.
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With Portfolio BI, you don’t have to over-allocate resources up front to handle peak levels of business activity in the future. Instead, you allocate the amount of resources that you actually need. You can scale your resources up or down as your business needs change.
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Having access a vast network of servers ensures your team against any failures. The public cloud enables firms to reduce latency and improve end user experiences across the organization.
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Portfolio BI delivers a broad range of technologies so that you can utilize resources as you need them. We give technology teams around the globe the freedom to innovate, test new ideas to differentiate, and transform your business.
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Simplify Your Operations
Focus more on solving business problems with technology and less on the heavy lifting involved in IT operations with our cloud managed services.

How Our Platform Works

Portfolio BI Cloud Managed Services How It Works

Public Vs. Private Vs. Hybrid Cloud Models

Choosing a cloud type or cloud service is a unique decision for you and your business. See below a table that compares our cloud solutions with traditional Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud models.

Hybrid Cloud
Private Cloud
Scalability & Flexibility
Very High
Very High
Very High
Capital Expenditure
Little to no
Lowest Price
Better value vs. private
More Expensive
Very Secure
Very Secure
Very Good
Very High
Medium to High
Vendor Lock-In

Strong Collaboration and Partnerships with Industry Leaders

We have strong partnerships with leading public cloud providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Utilizing a cloud agnostic approach, Portfolio BI can recommend the provider that’s the best fit for your business use case and deploy the solutions efficiently

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