A Global Repository of Reference and Market Data

Security Master centralizes and simplifies the management of securities terms and conditions, reference entities, and market data. It features a dynamic model that allows operations staff to easily define security and reference types and add attributes on the fly, without additional programming.

How Security Master Sits In Your Workflow

Security Master acts as the central location of your reference data, made to manage security terms and conditions across your entire firm.

Data management

Centralized, Simplified Data Management

•Manage security, investment, reference, and pricing data from one system
•Includes data validation rules, reporting, and full audit trail simplify
•Simplify repetitive tasks with automated workflows


Dynamic Security Definition

•Easily define security and reference types with no additional programming
•Add new static or time series security attributes on the fly with the dynamic security attribute manager
•Create derived security attributes with the integrated formula builder
•Automatically set up securities for FIX feeds

Data integrity

Consistency Across Systems

•Incorporates security and reference data from multiple sources
•Can integrate with third-party systems or as a stand-alone solution
•Ensures security and reference data consistency across PBI PMS and third-party systems

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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