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Stay ahead of the unprecedented pressures falling on buy-side trading desks by acquiring an efficient, cost-effective, and compliant solution with Portfolio BI.

A Platform Designed to Help You Grow

Investment managers are at a tipping point, faced with structural pressures from multiple sources: rising costs, increasing regulation, mounting compliance costs, rapid technology change, and more.

Portfolio BI helps asset managers alleviate some of these pressures by assisting them throughout the trading process. It is a software that allows firms to lower costs, reduce risk, manage regulatory compliance, and enhance transparency and operational efficiency.

Through our automation capabilities, managers can focus on their core capabilities and their clients, which positions them to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

allocations across funds, custodians, and strategies.
errors by leveraging portfolio modeling and rebalancing tools
your experience through our account management team and define your unique preferences
compliance status and commission management
Your total cost of ownership through our cloud-based platform.
react to changes in the market with advanced portfolio monitoring tools.

See how Portfolio BI compares with other buy-side technology vendors.

Single Screen UI
Covers virtually all listed security types
Integration with systems, providers, counterparties, and other intermediaries
Streamlined trading workflows
Scales with your business requirements

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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