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Aperture Investors improved users’ access to relevant data and dramatically reduced turnaround time with Portfolio BI

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Aperture Investors was founded in 2018 by Peter Kraus, former CEO of AllianceBernstein and former Co-Head of Investment Management at Goldman Sachs, and by Generali, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.  Aperture Investors is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  

Portfolio BI's experience in providing solutions to the buy-side industry has demonstrated repeatedly that while no two clients are exactly alike, they share everyday needs around their data and data usability. These needs expand from the front to back office – whether it’s reference, client and account, risk analytics and performance, positions & transactions, portfolio attribution or any other related data sets – there’s a need for clean, authoritative investment data that is logically interlinked and can be persisted over time. Needs around data ingestion, management, and distribution also evolve – and this is where most firms stumble.

“Philosophically we look to establish long-term partnerships with any third-party we choose to work with. Portfolio BI was no different and we quickly found the expertise of their people and understanding of our business to be a fantastic match. They worked side-by-side with us to implement a data solution that lays a foundation for our future.” - James O’Connor (COO)  



Aperture needed both internal and external scrutiny of data sourcing and consumption and a system that could centralize data management onto a single platform. Further, they required the ability to slice data at any level and drop a hat into a format that different end-users could utilize.

Opportunity Areas

  • Advanced data insights and self-service analytics and reporting enable quick and efficient data handling to leverage competitive advantage, revenue, and strategic growth.  
  • Efficiently manage critical data elements to enable daily NAVS, growth, speed to market, and governance to improve investor transparency, engagement, and experience.
  • Streamlined data management and governance and improve data quality and workflows while also reducing operational costs for compliance, risk, and regulatory-driven change.  
  • Rationalized both technology and data strategies to support digital transformation for optimal performance and investment outcomes.
“Aperture sought a partner that possessed a high level of industry insight, expertise and could implement a flexible and scalable solution efficiently.” - Sumit Mahajan, Managing Director, Head of Client Service Portfolio BI


Portfolio BI solutions and business acumen ensured that implementation was quick and simple with Aperture seeing immediate benefits with highlights around:

  • Increased productivity across the whole organization
  • Insights needed into Aperture’s Position and P&L Data  
  • Greater transparency for investors with the firm positioned to serve them.  

The firm now has a flexible structure for users to query, report, and analyze data. This has improved users’ access to relevant data and dramatically reduced turnaround time. This streamlined data management process increased the firm’s ROI by boosting efficiency and providing insightful new analytics for the entire group. Aperture now has access to Portfolio BI’s support and business team, which has enabled their in-house technology team to focus on transformational projects rather than data.  

“We couldn’t be happier with Portfolio Bi and now have a partner we can call upon anytime we need help in the future.” James O’Connor (COO)  

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