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PBI PMS consolidates information from multiple systems into a comprehensive portfolio management dashboard. See real-time ticking views of positions, exposure, P&L, performance, risk, and other analytics.
Portfolio BI Portfolio Management System for comprehensive portfolio managementPortfolio BI portfolio management system Individual performance line chart widget for April 2020Exposure by market cap pie chart for large cap firms.
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PBI PMS provides you with the tools and necessary data to efficiently manage your entire business.

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Fully Loaded

PMS supports the entire life cycle of a trade for all assets and financial instruments

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With flexible deployment options, a built-in IBOR, and overall configurability, you can scale the platform as your business grows and demands change.

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PBI PMS suits a range of firms, such as industry-leading hedge funds, innovative startups, asset managers, and fund allocators. Unlike other technology vendors on the market, we deliver configurable solutions for all our clients based on business needs, budget levels, and delivery preferences.
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Enhanced Market and Performance Insight
Brings vivid clarity in a one-stop, web-based solution that combines in-depth analytical capabilities with cutting-edge visualization technology.
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Flexible, Scalable Technology
PBI PMS was designed with the intent to supports different types and sizes of firms, based on business needs, budget levels, and deployment models.
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A solution that
streamlines workflows

Portfolio Master combines modular solutions into one single platform to meet the real-time, front-to-back office needs of asset managers.

Our clients avoid wasting time integrating various tools and instead use their resources to earn returns for their clients.
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Unified data system for your firm
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Connect and share insights

Our investment book of records (IBOR) tool allows you to understand the P&L tied to your investments. The result: a competitive advantage on every trade - enhancing alpha generation.

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Portfolio BI Portfolio Management System for Investor book of records (IBOR)
Portfolio BI candlestick trading chart to track currency prices.

See the big picture

PBI PMS is a robust visualization and reporting application that allows power users to generate visualizations of their data instantly.

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