Workflow Management

Empower your collaboration

Centralizing your information is the first step to being a data-driven organization. With PBI EDM, not only will your team be more informed with their decision making, but you'll be able to use data to uncover truths and empower your firm.

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Bring It All Together

PBI EDM can empower your team's collaboration and help guide processes through automated data changes, task assignments, approvals, reporting, and more. We use rules to drive customized workflows that typically eliminate the need to start processes manually.

PBI EDM's processes can be started based on data in the system, and our automation rules can also determine what data needs to be entered into specific fields, going beyond merely automating task assignments.

Automate your workflow management

PBI EDM's workflows can also be configured to automate internal policies, procedures, and compliance-related tasks that typically span front-to-back-office data and team members. Using the power of PBI EDM, our clients spend less time manually creating and tracking workflows, and instead, let the system drive the process whenever possible. It's another way that PBI EDM helps firms stay ahead of the game.

Portfolio BI workflow management component for workflow optimization.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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