Portfolio BI & AWS

Enable your firm to access the data that drives results

Portfolio BI helps financial services to leverage their business with powerful appliance from Amazon Web Services, as well as AWS infrastructure to deliver the best cloud experience.

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Portfolio BI on AWS

Amazon is the world's largest public cloud with 90+ services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers popular big data services like Redshift, Athena, SageMaker, and others. Our flexible architecture and broad support for AWS tools and technologies help you get the most out of your AWS investment.

By the numbers

Faster migration
Lower cost of migration
less staff time required
avg. spend on R&D
lower infrastructure cost
Increase in ROI after 3 years

Advantages of Portfolio BI and AWS

We find that the public cloud offers many benefits for asset managers, such as lower IT operating costs, more flexibility, and more straightforward scaling than other cloud deployment options. For each step along your journey, you can leverage Portfolio BI's years of experience to build out your firm's organizational, operational, and technical capabilities so that you can gain business results faster.

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Simplify cloud migration
In the public cloud, you own the keys to your data and systems. Your data is not closed off behind a service provider.
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Reduce Risk
The public cloud is perfect for small and medium-sized funds that do not necessarily know what storage or bandwidth capacity they need. It gives these firms leading security, encryption and access control.
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Modernize your apps
Leverage multiple layers of resiliency and deployment options to keep your business running. Deploy efficiently and seamlessly across different cloud providers and multiple regions.

Get the data you need to manage better business outcomes.

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