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Today’s Required Functionality and Integrations for a Multi-Asset Class Order Management System

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12:00 PM EST


45 Minutes




Multi-asset investing has grown in popularity over the last decade. It is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of the global asset management business with passive investing.

In many cases, for firms that manage money in multiple asset classes, structural changes have been drivers of the interaction between the firm and the market. The move from class-based asset silos to multi-asset integration requires an investment in trading technology and personnel. Firms must navigate the immediate opportunity of multi-asset trading and–beyond that-the ever-accelerating and digitally driven unknown. To succeed in today's accelerated and digitized trading environment, firms must consider a true Multi-Asset Class Order Management System. But what required functionality and integrations should a firm expect and look for?

This online seminar event will review the foundation of a robust Multi-Asset Class Order Management System with highlights including:

  • What Asset Class Coverage should you require or look for
  • How the System should support for Pre-Trade and Post Trade Workflows
  • Evaluating the ability of a system to support multiple sophisticated allocation methodologies (pari passu, pro-rata, rebalancing, ramp up/ramp down, allocation vs customized targets and weightings)
  • Standards for Portfolio Compliance Testing, including investment restrictions (Eligibility, Concentration, etc.)

Integration With:

  • Electronic trading systems
  • Affirmation, clearing, and settlement systems
  • Accounting system, fund administrators, and prime brokers/custodians
  • And more

    Is your firm positioned for success in today’s competitive asset management space? Join our panel of experts for this insightful 45-min session.

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