The Key to Your Organization's Success Is Data


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Robust Data Management Solutions facilitate Data Hygiene, Governance and Scalability

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30 Minutes




Data and analytics governance that focuses simply on policy, compliance, and enforcement is no longer enough in today's digital business world. Robust governance practices contextual and elastic are urgently needed for successful digital business initiatives while maintaining proper data hygiene. This webinar session discusses current practices and how adaptive data solutions can be implemented to enable better outcomes.

This Sessions Highlights Include Insights around:
•Sound data management processes and procedures that support robust reporting.
•The COVID 19 impact – despite what you may think it hasn’t all been negative.
•The importance of a flexible, scalable and adaptable data model and solution for your organization.
•Best practices for managing, persisting and consuming data and analytics.

The Key To Your Organization's Success Is Data Portfolio BI Webinar
Featured Speakers
  • Sumit Mahajan- Managing Director, Head of Client Service @ Portfolio BI 
  • Christopher Bloechle - Chief Information Officer @ Portfolio BI
  • Thomas Barbieri - Chief Technology Officer @ Muzinich & Co. Inc
  • Phillip Wiginton - Chief Technology Officer @ Vulcan Value Partners

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